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      1. [ID:4-6090644] 形容詞副詞比較級最高級專項單選題練習卷(含答案)
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        專項 形容詞副詞比較級最高級 一、單選題(共50題;共100分) 1.Gina is the second girl in the basketball club and she did a good job in that game. A. tall B. taller C. tallest D. the tallest 2.— Why do you like living in the countryside? —Because there's noise and fewer cars there. A. less B. little C. fewer D. few 3.Which book is ______ to understand, this one or that one? A. easy B. easier C. easiest D. the easiest 4.—— Is your stomach getting better? ——No, it's ________. A. well B. worse C. better D. worst 5.Eating ____ vegetables and _____ meat is good for the old. A. less, less B. less, more C. more, more D. more, less 6.As we all know,light travels ________ sound. A. as fast as B. a little slower than C. much faster than D. slower than 7.—Time is money. —But I think time is _____money. A. as important as B. more important than C. so important than D. the same as 8.During this term's Reading Week, I read the most books in our class. No one read than I. A. many B. more C. few D. fewer 9.——Of all the skirts, the red one looks as ______ as the others. ——I think so. And it's _______ than the others. A. beautifully, quite cheaper. B. beautiful, much cheaper. C. beautifully, more cheap D. beautiful, much more cheaper. 10.Lucy is my good friend. She is much __________ than me. A. taller B. tallest C. tall 11.Lily doesn′t write as_________ as Lucy. A. carefully B. careful C. more carefully D. more careful 12.I'm in a hurry. What is __________way to get there? A. fast B. faster C. fastest D. the fastest 13.Of all the teachers, Miss Gao is________, and we are afraid of her. A. serious B. more serious C. most serious D. the most serious, 14.If you are fat, you should eat ________ fruit and vegetables, but ________ meat. A. more ; less B. more ; more C. less ; more D. less ; less 15.-- If you want to be healthier, you must eat junk food and do exercise. -- Yes, you are quite right. A. little, many B. much, few C. fewer, less D. less, more 16._____ you work, _____ result you will get. A. The harder, the better B. the more hard, the more better C. The harder, a better D. more hard, more better 17.Our teacher asks us to remember that _______ careful we are, _______ mistakes we will make. A. the more; the fewer B. the fewer; the more C. the more; the more D. the less; the fewer 18. the food of a restaurant is, the restaurant will get. A. More delicious;more popular B. Most delicious;most popular C. The more delicious;the more popular D. The most delicious;the most popular 19.Alice has ________ her sister. So she has to spend one more hour finishing it. A. twice as much housework as B. twice so much housework as C. as twice much housework as D. twice housework as much as 20.My sister is _______than me. A. more taller B. tall C. taller D. tallest 21.John has three sisters. Mary is the _____ of the three. A. most cleverest B. more clever C. cleverest D. cleverer 22.Helen draws better than ___ boy in her class. A. any other B. the other C. all the D. any 23.— Is your sister's room as as______? —No, it isn't. A. big; you B. bigger;your C. biggest; yours D. big; yours 24.Of all the students in his class, Xiao Ming writes_______________. A. very careful B. the most careful C. most carefully D. much more carful 25.Of the twin sisters, Tracy is _______. A. the taller B. the tall C. taller D. the tallest 26.The machines in this new factory seem to be _________ones in this area. A. modern B. more modern C. most modern D. the most modern 27.Jane feels _____ confident _____ she failed to find a new job. A. more; if B. much; even if C. much more; even if D. more; but 28.Bob swims ________ than I, but he doesn't swim_________ my brother. A. much well, as well as B. better, as good as C. better, so well as D. better, so good as 29._____ you study, _____ grades you will get. A. The hard, the good B. The harder, the better C. Harder, better D. The better, the harder 30.Autumn is coming. The weather is getting ____. A. cool and cool B. the cooler and the cooler C. cooler and cooler D. the coolest and the coolest 31._________ you speak English, _________ your spoken English can be. A. The more, better B. More, the better C. More, better D. The more, the better 32.I have _____ apples and _____ milk than you. A. many; little B. more; little C. more; less D. many; less 33.—How do you like her singing? —I think no one sings _____. A. well B. better C. best D. good 34.—Next Monday is our mother's birthday. Let's buy some cards for her. —Why not make some ourselves? It will be much______. A. interesting B. more interesting C. most interesting D. the most interesting 35.The Internet makes our lives much ________ than before. A. easy B. easily C. easier D. more easily 36.The Voice of China became one of ________ TV ______ last year. A. the most popular, shows B. more popular, show C. much popular, show D. the popularest, shows 37.-Chongqing is ____________ than ____________ city in the north of China. -I think so. It's the hottest city ____________ the southwest of China. A. more hotter; any; to B. hotter; any; in C. hotter; any other; in D. hotter; other; on 38.There are more flowers in your garden than ____________. A. my garden B. mine C. in mine D. my 39.Qomolangma is ______ than any other mountain. I hope to climb it one day. A. high B. higher C. highest D. the highest 40.—Have you ever heard of Langlang? —Sure. He is one of ______ pianists ______ I have even seen. A. good;that B. much better;who C. the best;which D. the best;who 41.CN tower is one of _________ towers in the world. A. tall B. taller C. the taller D. the tallest 42.—Have you ever heard of Lang Lang? —Sure. He is one of ______ pianists ______ I have ever seen. A. good; that B. much better; who C. the best; which D. the best; that 43.I find the problems about physics ________ to work out than those about chemistry. A. more easily B. more difficult C. more easy D. easilier 44.We get the ________ score in the school, and we are really happy. A. best B. good C. bad D. worse 45.— Compared with that film, this one is ______ but not _______. — I see, and I will see that one this evening. A. longer, as good B. long, good C. longest, best D. long, so good 46.You are too quiet. How I hope you can be ___________ outgoing! A. a little more B. too much C. much too D. much less 47.-I think English is ________ math. -Yes, I think so. A. much important than B. so important as C. as important as D. as more important as 48.- Mum, could you buy me a dress like this? - Certainly, we can buy ______ one than this but __________this one. A. a better; worse than B. a cheaper; as good as C. a worse; as good as D. a more important; not as good as 49.— Is Sun Cinema as ________ as Huxia Cinema? — No. Huxia Cinema has _________ seats than Sun Cinema. A. comfortable; comfortable B. comfortable; more comfortable C. more comfortable; comfortable D. more comfortable; more comfortable 50.—Mum, could you buy me a dress like this? —Certainly. We can buy one than this, but this. A. a better; better than B. a worse; as good as C. a cheaper; as good as D. a more important; not as good as 答案 一、單選題 1-5 CABBD 6-10 CBBBA 11-15 ADDAD 16-20 AACAC 21-25CADCA 26-30 DCCBC 31-35 DCBBC 36-40 ABCBD 41-45 DDBAA 46-50 ACBBC
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